ELI-3375 Counter-IED & Counter Mine Suite

ELI-3375 Counter-IED & Counter Mine Suite

The IAI-ELTA ELI-3375 Counter-IED and Counter Mine Suite (CIMS) is an integrated protection system for detection of surface and underground IEDs, mines, and roadside bombs. The CIMS suite was designed under the guiding principle that no single sensor can provide the adequate detection probability and low false alarm rate required by today’s operational C-IED needs. The integration of the sensor suite through a central processing and management system, delivers accurate synergetic real-time mapping of IED threats to the warfighter, requiring minimal training and decision making. The CIMS suite consists of the ADS – Above-surface Detection System, and MIDS – underground Mine and IED Detection System. The CIMS Suite or subsystems can be adapted to any combat tactical vehicle.

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