ELK-5220 OTHELLO Optical Threat Locator

The OTHELLO (EL0-5220) is compact and effective Hostile Fire Indicator (HFI) family of sensors, designed to detect gunfire, mortar fire, RPG and Anti-Tanks Guided Missiles (ATGM). The system instantly indicates the azimuth and elevation direction of the hostile fire while classifying the threat, with a high Probability of Detection (PD) and low False Alarm Rate (FAR). The system is applicable for tanks, combat vehicles, stationary combat posts and manual or Remote-Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS). This capability supports the warfighter in providing an immediate response toward the threat, either by force maneuver or retaliatory fire. The OTHELLO can be installed in different configurations as shown below, either as a standalone system or as a part of an extensive self-protection system. Available in different sizes and performance levels, the sensor can be tailored for the customer’s specific needs and installation constraints.

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ELK-5220 OTHELLO Optical Threat Locator