ELM-2026B Very Short Air Defense RADAR (VSHORAD)

ELM-2026B Very Short Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) Radar is the fifth generation of 3D Tactical Air Defense Radars.

The ELM-2026B VSHORAD radar is a light weight transportable, X-band, solid-state electronically scanned,  pulse-doppler radar. This cost-effective radar delivers early warning and target data for supporting surface-to-air missile weapon systems.

The radar employs multi-beam elevation coverage by applying Digital Beam Forming (DBF) and 360 deg. azimuth coverage by antenna rotation.

The radar detects a wide variety of low RCS targets such as low flying fighter aircraft, low velocity ultra-lights and UAVs. The radar provides accurate target measurements of velocity, range, azimuth and elevation angles.

The ELM-2026B VSHORAD can be deployed as a local Air Defense system providing early warning and target track to surface-to-air weapon systems.

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