ELM – 2080 Green Pine Radar System

ELM – 2080 Green Pine Radar System

The Green Pine Radar Systems, ELM-2080 and ELM-2080S, are a family of transportable, ground-based radar systems, designed to autonomously detect and simultaneously track dozens of Tactical Ballistic Missiles (TBMs) from long ranges, under all weather conditions and in the presence of undesired signals. The modular Active Electronically Steering Array (AESA) technology implemented in the radar includes thousands of transmit/receive modules that provide high redundancy, graceful degradation, high reliability and high availability. The original ELM-2080 Green Pine Radar and its more advanced successor, the ELM-2080S Super Green Pine Radar, use a similar deployment infrastructure as well as a similar integrated logistic support. This allows the customer to optimally tailor anti- TBM solutions with a mix of Green Pine Radar systems, according to specific operational requirements. Operational in the Israel Air Force as part of the Arrow Weapon System, Green Pine Radar Systems enhance the country’s air defense and early-warning capabilities. The addition of Green Pine radars improves the performance of any ballistic missile defense System.

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