ELM-2138 Tactical C-RAM Radar System

The Green Rock is a mobile autonomous tactical Counter Rockets, Artillery & Mortars (C-RAM) radar system. The Green Rock is designed to support a variety of ground force protection missions, including fire source location, friendly forces warning, friendly fire correction and low RCS & slow flying airborne targets (such as UAVs, gliders and hovering platforms) detection.The system provides a complete low/high trajectory target, real-time intelligence and rapid response solution for the tactical forces. The system mission is to locate fire squad positions, distribute selective warning alarms and enable an effective fire response. The Green Rock system can be installed on various mobile or stationary platforms such as APC, HMMWV, ATV, etc. It includes a phased array pulse Doppler Radar which acquires and tracks trajectories of ballistic munitions, such as rockets, artillery and mortars, calculates the launching point and predicts the impact location. This information is reported, via a communication system, to friendly forces to indicate and provide warning for relevant threats.Threat data can be also sent to precision weapon systems for rapid and accurate response to the threat source. 

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ELM-2138 Tactical C-RAM Radar System