Aerostat Early Warning System

The ENA-2083 is an operationally proven tethered aerostat-borne, 3-D multiple beam, Doppler radar system providing accurate longrange early warning and air defense capabilities. Deployed at high altitude, the system’s advanced Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA), L-Band radar is able to detect and track multiple targets including aircraft, cruise missiles, loitering munition and other low flying threats, well beyond the range of ground based radars. The robust system offers persistent operation up to 30 days as well as low operating costs.

The system can be further enhanced with the addition of SIGINT sensors, IFF, and EO/IR improving classification, identification and target discrimination. Moreover, the system can act as a communication relay extending LOS communication networks. The complete solution is managed by a Command and Control center and can interface with other C4I systems.


Automatic Track-While-Scan (TWS) of multiple targets

Dedicated tracking beams

Low false alarms rate

Excellent Doppler visibility

Operation in heavy clutter and noisy environments

High update rate enables continuous tracking of highly maneuvering targets

High reliability, maintainability and availability

High probability of detection by combination of mechanical rotation with electronic steering

Variety of interface options to C4I systems


Detection RangeTopographic LOS: 145 NM at 15k ft (4.6 km) elevation
Instrumented Range200 NM
Angular Accuracy0.25°
Target Update Rate5 sec. nominal
TrackingUp to 500 targets
MTBCF4,000 hours
Transmit Radar PowerPeak 21.3 kW / Average 2.88 kW