Passive Coherent Location System

The Passive Coherent Location (PCL) System (ENA-7080) generates air situation picture based on target reflection from noncooperative transmissions from FM or Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) towers. The reflections are received by a single antenna or a network of antennas, providing 3D real-time omnidirectional coverage and enabling accurate detection and tracking of multiple targets in congested airborne traffic. The PCL does not transmit, thereby not exposing its location.

The PCL system is simple to deploy and can be located on remote borders, as well as in urban areas. With 360° coverage, installation can include one sensor or a cluster of sensors for redundancy and improved coverage of specific problematic areas. The sites are connected to the central PCL command and control processing unit via a dedicated data link.

The system can operate independently or as a passive system integrated with air defense radars, providing enhanced detection, classification and air situation picture.






Covertly detects and tracks aerial targets

Exploits analog FM broadcasting and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) for non-cooperative aerial targets detection

Simultaneously processes multiple FM and DAB broadcasts

Immune to jamming