Persistent Foliage Penetration Radar

ENA-2112FP Multi-Mission Surveillance Radar is an innovative, advanced high resolution foliage penetrating (FOPEN) radar with unique and outstanding capabilities.

Featuring simultaneous multi-beam technology, the ENA-2112FP radar provides persistent surveillance in foliage and instantaneous target tracking over a wide land area.

Used by military, paramilitary and security agencies, the ENA-2112FP instantly detects, monitors and tracks all ground moving targets in the Region Of Interest (ROI), such as walking persons and moving vehicles. The radar features a stationary (non rotating) planar array antenna, covering a sector of 90°.


Foliage penetration to a few tens of meters

Instantaneous and continuous coverage of the entire Region of Interest (ROI)

Automatic and continuous detection and tracking with high range and azimuth accuracy

Uninterrupted operation in all weather conditions

Outstanding performance of detection of small and slow targets

High probability of detection even if the target is not persistent

Very low false alarm rate

Multi-target automatic tracking



Border Security Systems

Site Perimeter Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Battlefield Surveillance


Size of Each Antenna Module30.3 x 35.8 x 17.5 in
(77 x 91 x 44 cm)
Weight of Each Antenna Module143.3 lbs (65 kg)
Power Consumption (w/o OWS)120 W
Operating Voltage28 VDC
Radiated Power1 W
Operating BandwithL-Band
Human Detection Range
RCS = 1.6 ft2 (RCS = 0.5 m2)
1.5 mi (2.5 km)
Vehicle Detection Range
RCS = 32.8 ft2 (RCS = 10 m2)
3.1 mi (5 km)
Range Accuracy3.3 ft (1 m)
Azimuth Coverage (deg)90°
Azimuth Accuracy
Elevation Coverage (deg)14°
Minimal Radial Velocity1.6 ft/s (0.5 m/s)
Simultaneous Tracks200
Track Update Rate1 sec