Persistent Perimeter Detection Radar

The ENA-2114 persistent perimeter detection radar is a new and advanced high resolution radar with unique and outstanding capabilities. Featuring simultaneous multibeam technology, it provides persistent surveillance and instantaneous target tracking over the entire region of interest (ROI). This technology allows immediate and simultaneous detection, monitoring and tracking of all moving ground targets in the ROI, in tough weather conditions.

Equipped with a stationary (nonrotating) planar array covering a sector of 90°, the ENA-2114 can detect a moving human (up to) 500 meters and up to 1000 meters for moving vehicles.

The ENA-2114 is characterized by high reliability and no required maintenance.


Multibeam solid-state FMCW RADAR

Low false alarm rate

Maintenance-less with low Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

Instantaneous and continuous coverage

High probability of target detection of nonpersistent target interception in tough

High accuracy, automatic and continuous multi-target detection and tracking

Simple deployment and operation

Interoperability with electro-optic sensors and command and control (C4ISR etc.) systems

Command and Control application, providing a tactical picture of several networked radars and cameras


Human Detection RangeRCS
5.4 – 10.8 ft2 1640 ft
(0.5 – 1 m2 500 m)
Vehicle Detection RangeRCS
107.62 3281 ft
(10 m2 1000 m)
Range Accuracy1.6 ft (0.5 m)
Azimuth Coverage90°
Azimuth Accuracy
Elevation Coverage15°
Minimum Radial Velocity1.6 ft/sec (0.5 m/sec)
Frequency Band ISM24.0 – 24.25 GHz
Size (W x H x D)6.7 x 5.1 x 2 in (17 x 13 x 5 cm)
Weight2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Power Consumption12 w 48 v DC
Environmental Temperature-20° – +50° c
Certification MarkCE & FCC
Communication & PowerEthernet cable with POE