Air Defense Radar

Our air defense radars provide early warning, detection, and tracking and are available in multiple bands and sizes for a variety of missions, including fire control, surveillance, and C-RAM. With active and passive options, our systems defend against a broad range of threats.

OTM | 2026B | 2026BF | 2083 | 2084 | 2135 | 2138 | 2311 | 7080

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Airborne ISR

Our airborne systems include Fire Control Radars (FCR) for combat aircraft and Air-to-Surface multi-mode surveillance, targeting, reconnaissance radars with platform integrations ranging from small UAVs to large fixed-wing applications, to include pods.

2054 | 2083 | 7065VU

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Our family of combat proven radars are trusted by armed forces for Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar (C-RAM) missions. For early warning threat detection, identification, tracking and weapon systems’ cueing, our multi-mission radars provide a highly reliable countermeasure to hostile targets in various ranges and altitudes.

OTM | 2084 | 2135 | 2138 | 2311

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From fixed to on-the-move solutions, our Counter UAS radars outperform others on target detection range, accuracy and tracking, and system performance. Fielded by the U.S. DoD and DHS, our suite of CUAS solutions offer scalable mitigation options to defend against a variety of drone threats.

MADS-K | OTM | 2026B | 2026BF | 2135 | 2138 | 2180

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We offer a combination of advanced Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Communication Intelligence (COMINT), Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, and Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM) that combat, defend, and conceal RF systems. Our multi-domain EW and ECM solutions can be deployed on various air, land, and sea platforms.

7020 | 7065VU

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Homeland Security

From border and facility protection, secure network communication to emergency response, we offer a range of solutions to accurately and swiftly detect, locate and target threats to public safety. Our solutions include real-time situational awareness, 24/7 surveillance, 360º coverage, and active and passive sensors.

OTM | 1888 | 2112FP | 2114 | 2180 | 7080 | 8950

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Vehicle Protection Systems

Our vehicle protection solutions are equipped with multi-spectral sensors to provide vehicle operators with increased situational awareness, faster detection of hostile fire, and threat detection. With increased visibility and alert, crews can promptly respond with counter-fire or by tactical maneuver.

OTM | 5220

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