AESA Air Defense Search & Track Radar

ENA-2026BF is a highly accurate 3D Tactical Air Defense Radar that detects and tracks airborne targets, including: low RCS drones and UAVs, helicopters and fighter aircraft. The radar operates in X-Band and employs solid-state Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) technology. The radar is dual mode providing air surveillance and tracking with precise range, azimuth and elevation angles for anti-aircraft guns fire control. The radar has multi-beam elevation coverage through Digital Beam Forming (DBF) and 360° azimuth coverage by antenna rotation.

The radar can be mounted on the ground or on a fixed platform or moving vehicle where it is installed on a customized pedestal. Integrating the radar with E/O sensors provides enhanced classification of targets. Real-time data and status information can be transmitted directly to a command and control unit.


Automatic detection of airborne targets

Advanced Digital Phased Array

High reliability – full solid-state design

Advanced ECCM capabilities



Tactical Air Situation Picture

Cueing of short range missiles

Detection of drones and UAV

Fire Control of anti-aircraft guns


Instrumentation Range24.9 mi (40 km)
Detection range for Micro Drone3.2 mi (5.2 km)
Detection range for Fighter Aircraft
(ie F16 & MIG 21BIS)
12.4 mi (20 km)
TWS number of simultaneous targets>100
Radar Interfacesfast Ethernet (other formats optional)
Surveillance Mode (TWS) Az El Accuracy0.5deg
Tracking Mode (STT) Az El Accuracy2mrad
Elevation coverage (electronic)0 – 30°
Elevation coverage (TWS, electronic,
designated target)
Elevation tracking (STT mode)Pedestal elevation limit
Minimal detection velocity8.2 ft/sec (2.5 m/sec)
Azimuth coverage (Mechanical)360°
Weight of antenna143.3 (65 kg)
Power consumption of antenna750 W
Supply Voltage18V to 32V DC
Environmental ConditionMIL-STD-810F
Operation Temperature-40° C – +55° C