Compact V/UHF 3D RF Location System

ComDart (ENA-7065VU) is a compact V/UHF 3D RF location system enabling instantaneous geolocation of hostiles’ communication using a single aerial platform. ComDart provides advanced situational awareness and critical real time target information for ground forces operating in complex environments.

Geo-location is achieved through a single, small form factor, vector sensor antenna (VSA). The VSA design is proprietary technology developed solely by ELTA. The antenna’s construction enables concurrent measurement of elevation and azimuth from received RF waves. While other technologies require multiple antennas on one or more platforms for geolocation, ComDart delivers instantaneous geo-location from a single antenna, on a single platform.

ComDart is easy to operate and fast to deploy. Once activated, the system instantaneously detects communication transmissions across the VHF and UHF frequencies and the geolocation is displayed on a detailed map on the Operator Control Unit (OCU). With its capability of detecting transmissions instantaneously in both open terrain and dense urban areas, even short burst PTT (Push-to-Talk) transmissions can be identified and accurately located.


Instantaneous geo-location from a single platform, including short burst PTT transmissions

Advanced proprietary design for vector sensor antenna (VSA)

Operates in open terrain as well as in dense urban and GNSS denied environments

Small Form Factor (SFF) and easily fitted on various types of aerial platforms