Search & Rescue Cellular Geo-Location System

Res-Q-Cell (ENA-8950) is a unique cellular geo-location system used by search and rescue teams to quickly and efficiently locate survivors of natural disasters, terrorist incidents and in combat zones. The solution operates in both heavily damaged urban sites as well as in open areas affected by hurricanes and floods. The system delivers 3D geo-location of the survivors’ cellular phones with high accuracy, independent of the local cellular network. The system is quick to deploy and easy to operate from a standoff and safe position. It can be installed on small aerial platforms such as commercial multi-rotor drones or small UAVs, as well as on vehicles. Res-Q-Cell is field-proven and in service with customers worldwide.

The solution comprises a multi-band, multi-technology IMSI Catcher to trigger idle cellular phones, and an advanced Direction Finding Geo-Location system for detecting and locating mobile signals. The results are displayed on a map on a laptop workstation available for the site commander. The compact system’s modules can operate in harsh environments, are highly mobile, and multiple modules can be networked together to enhance coverage.



Modular and scalable

High precision cellular geo-location system with an accuracy < 3m

Independent of the local mobile networks and supports all cellular network types

Easy to operate and quick to activate, guaranteeing rapid response time to assist victims and save lives

Drone based and other airborne platforms or vehicular solution; adapted for tethered drones to be used for long duration rescue missions

Effective decision-making tool for commanders to quickly and efficiently coordinate teams in the field