Ground Combat Vehicle Multi Mission Radar

StormGuard is an all-weather modular radar system designed to protect ground force vehicles against incoming threats. The system performs 360° surveillance coverage of the immediate vicinity in order to provide a coherent Situational Awareness Picture (SAP).

In self-protection mode, the radar system automatically detects, classifies and tracks Anti-Tank Rockets (ATR), Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM), and other missile types as well as threats from drones and UAVs. Data such as 3D direction to the threat, time-to-impact, and launching point is sent to the Central Computer Unit to initiate the vehicle’s countermeasure system and weapon system for real-time counter fire response.

In surveillance mode, the system detects and classifies moving targets such as personnel and vehicles. Operators use the target data to make a call-to-action for deterring the threat.

The system’s hardware and software are both modular and flexible to meet customer’s specific requests. The radar size can easily be adapted to match to the vehicle type and mission requirement.


Tracking of multiple targets for real-time weapon cueing

Extremely low false alarm rate

Very high probability of detection and accurate measurement of target parameters

Multi-beam staring and electronic scan in azimuth and frequency

Detection and location of: Low signature threats including crawling and slow moving persons, Vehicles of all types and moving patterns, Aerial threats including drones and UAVs, Anti-armored vehicles rockets and missiles launches


Coverage Azimuth90° (360° 4x antenna)
Detection Range of Person1.4 mi (2,200 m)
Detection Range of Vehicle2.2 mi (3,600 m)
Detection Range of UAV0.62 mi (1,000 m)
Frequency BandX-Band
Antenna TypeGaN 3D AESA