Compact Multi Mission Radar

The ENA-2311 is a Compact Multi-Mission Radar (C-MMR), designed as an all-in-one radar, highly mobile and transportable on a single vehicle for maneuvering forces. The radar implements an advanced 3D Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) antenna. The main components of the C-band Doppler radar are phased-array antenna, cooling unit, power unit and operator consoles including communication equipment.

C-MMR is designed for Air Defense (AD) and Artillery Weapon Location (WLR) Missions. In the Air Defense mode the radar detects and classifies all types of airborne targets and generates a real-time Air Situation Picture (ASP). The Artillery mode provides detection of incoming mortars, cannon shells, rockets and missiles for stationary or deployed forces. The radar locates hostile weapon locations (HWL) and calculates impact and launching points (IP & LP) in real time and provides friendly fire ranging (FFR) simultaneously. The radar can also supports fire control of Counter-RAM (Rockets Artillery and Mortars) weapon system.


3D multi-beam Active Electronically Steered Antenna (AESA)

High mobility and very fast deployment and folding

Embedded training

Remote operation

Advanced ECCM capabilities

Single vehicle operated with two operators

High redundancy, graceful degradation, high reliability and high availability

Delivers real-time SAR Imagery for: Wide Area Search (WAS) by Strip SAR at a resolution adequate for vehicle-target detection, Very high-resolution Spot SAR for stationary target classification, Detection of very low elevation targets

Performance Highlights

WLR Mission

Range: up to 43.5 mi (70 km)

AD Mission

Range: up to 155.3 mi (250 km)

Spatial Coverage

Azimuth: sectorial 90°-120°, rotating 360°
Elevation: up to 50°
Capacity: >100 targets/min